The Best Tactics For Selling A Business

Whether you have a small business to sell or are looking for buyers for a large franchise, there are certain steps that must be taken before you can expect to find buyers for your business. The consultants at Franchise Research Corp. are available to help you sell your franchise. Our sales consulting team's job is to put a strong marketing plan into place and teach you how to find qualified leads, making it easier for you to sell your business.

How to Sell a Business Successfully

The first step to selling a business is to know how much your business is worth. Have your small business appraised so you and prospective buyers will know the company's market value. Gather together recent tax returns and any other documentation required by the appraiser that shows your company's assets and profits to get a complete picture of how your company stacks up.

After your financial records are in order, the selling process really begins. Our sales consultants research your target audience, allowing us to develop an appropriate marketing plan for your individual situation. PPC (pay per click) campaigns on major search engines and email marketing are especially efficient ways to gain a wide berth of exposure for your franchise. Direct mailings and other traditional means of selling, such as appearances at franchise fairs or industry-specific conferences, may be used as well. We perform campaign maintenance and analyze the rate of conversions to leads.

From early stages of development to ongoing maintenance, we provide selling solutions for franchises. Call us at (866) 993-0002 or send email to for more information.