Sales Prospecting With Help From Franchise Research Corp

Sales prospecting refers to finding qualified leads (potential buyers) that may be interested in purchasing your franchise. It requires a large time commitment, a specialized set of skills, and to some degree, aggressiveness to follow up on possible leads. Small business owners may not have the time or know-how to train their salespeople in the area of selling and prospecting. Franchise Research Corp. offers a wide range of sales training that brings franchise owners and their employees up to speed in all areas of sales, including prospecting, strategic planning and the various tools that are available to streamline the sales process.

Learn Sales Prospecting From Franchise Research Corp.

Our consultants and trainers specialize in the area of franchising. Our sales ideas and strategies have been proven many times over when our clients' businesses and ROI grow exponentially. For our clients' convenience, we offer our training programs both online and onsite. We cover a wide range of topics from best practices to learning how to qualify a lead or applicant who is a potential franchise buyer. Your employees will learn how to use selling tools to research buyers and forecast the selling climate in your industry. These skills will help spark new ideas that, when put into practice, will help you reach your goals for expansion more readily.

In addition to giving training classes, we partner with major software companies that offer sales solutions for franchises throughout the United States. Please call us or send an email for more information about our training and consulting services or marketing solutions. Reach us toll-free at (866) 993-0002 or at