Small Business Planning Online

Business management consultants from Franchise Research Corp. offer several management solutions as well as training opportunities for small business owners. Management consulting in the areas of marketing, lead generation and personnel recruitment takes the pressure off of business owners who want to sell franchises of their businesses but may not have adequate staffing to oversee all of these departments.

Business Management Consultants Bring About Solutions for Franchisors

Marketing your business to sell or recruiting new personnel takes planning, strategic development and a sales team dedicated to the task. If you are a small business owner, you may not have the human resources available for these all-important and time-consuming tasks. Our consultants at Franchise Research Corp. can simplify the recruitment and selling processes for you by taking some of the burden off of your shoulders. We will gather information about your company's needs and goals, develop a strategic plan and execute it for you so you can spend more time focusing on other duties within your franchise. Ongoing maintenance is required for any type of campaign, and we have that area covered as well.

If time constraints and manpower shortages are not issues for you, we can teach you how to plan and forecast for the growth of your company through our training department. We have joined forces with software companies who can offer business solutions such as lead generation and management as well as profiling of potential buyers.

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