Business Management Consultants

When selling a business as a franchise, the help of experienced business management consultants can make a significant difference. Successfully expanding your business through franchising requires the implementation of strategies, processes and technologies in several different areas. Franchise Research Corp. can guide you through selling a business franchise from start to finish.

Steps to Sell a Business Franchise

Strategic preparations are essential to achieving success as a franchisor. Here are some of the key steps to franchising:

  1. Create a business expansion plan. Your plan should include time objectives, territory objectives, plans for personnel, fee schedules and resource allocation projections, among other expectations. Larger companies may also have to consider anti-trust issues and other conflicts.
  2. Draw up legal documentation. FTC Rule 436 mandates that all franchisors must present an offering circular to sales prospects with extensive information about your company. A franchise contract must also be created and some states may require business registration.
  3. Create an operations manual with policies, procedures and tactics that will be enforced throughout your franchises.
  4. Develop a sales and marketing strategy. This involves methods to attract buyers using advertising, promotional materials and other marketing tactics.

At Franchise Research Corp., our consultants walk you through the process of selling a business franchise. We specialize in developing custom-tailored marketing and management strategies, and training in-house personnel to implement and monitor them. We provide the latest business intelligence software applications for our clients. Contact us at or by calling toll-free at (866) 993-0002 for more information.