Start A Coffee Franchise

Selling a coffee franchise is an opportunity for a small coffee shop to compete with the many large coffee conglomerates. The main competitive advantage a company like Starbucks has over smaller shops is brand recognition. Much of the brand recognition was earned by the sheer number of establishments there are. While a small coffee shop will probably not be able to outshine a large company like Starbucks, selling a coffee franchise can help a small business carve out a niche for itself. Franchises allow small businesses to expand without requiring a significant capital investment.

Finding Success With a Coffee Franchise

The first step in creating a successful coffee franchise is making your business stand out from others in the industry. That will likely require some creativity. Maybe your shop is famous for not using disposable drinkware or providing live entertainment around the clock. Maybe your shop isn't a shop at all but a drive-thru. Having a unique "angle" is essential in a market that is as crowded as the coffee service industry.

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