Franchises To Buy

A successful franchising business offers a great opportunity for profitability. Because most franchises generate income from gross sales and fees, they take on very little risk and require minimal investment. Additionally, the more successful a franchising business is, the easier it is to attract entrepreneurs to buy additional franchises. At Franchise Research Corp., we provide consulting, training and research services to help you get the most out of your franchising business.

Tools to Enhance Your Franchising Business

Growing a franchising business requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to target the right buyers. These days, the most effective marketing venue is the Internet. Nearly half of all franchise sales are the product of an internet marketing lead-generation campaign. The most effective internet lead-generation methods are search engine optimization, paid search advertising campaigns, targeted emails and webinars. Our services include creation and implementation of custom-tailored internet marketing strategies.

Additionally, we provide our clients with cutting-edge software technologies to track the progress and effectiveness of marketing and lead-generation campaigns. Our software applications include One System, a comprehensive lead and marketing tracking and analysis application. We train your in-house personnel to manage your sales process and provide advice about how to identify future opportunity areas. Management and analysis of strategies is an integral part of successfully growing your business. Contact us at or by calling us at (866) 993-0002 to learn how our advice can help you maximize your franchise sales.