Starting New Franchises

New businesses open franchises every day, making it a very active industry. The concept of a franchise is most often credited to Isaac M. Singer, known for the sewing machine model he created in the 1850s. Singer wanted to be able to train large numbers of people to use his machines but lacked the funds for such a widespread operation. An astute businessman, Singer charged others to buy into his company and sell his sewing machines, and the franchise was born. Though the idea remains the same, new franchises in the 21st century are a little more complicated when it comes to marketing a franchise and the brand name that is being distributed. Many new business owners are beginning to rely on online marketing campaigns to spread the word about their companies and to find buyers for their franchises.

Franchise Research Corp. Brings Marketing Ideas to Your New Business

Hiring a consulting firm that understands the ins and outs of the franchise market can make your work a lot easier when you have just opened a new franchise. At Franchise Research Corp. we employ experienced consultants to develop marketing strategies that will promote your company to your target audience. Some of the methods we use for advertising include traditional direct mailings as well as online tools (PPC campaigns, email marketing and online media ads). We will assess your current marketing plan, tweak it as needed and then reassess according to our performance indicators.

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