Sales Consultants

Franchisors' sales management strategies vary greatly, depending on the type of business in which they are involved, the size of their company and the geographic region in which their franchises are located. As a franchise owner who expects to see some growth of his business, you will most often want to put a sales management strategy into place that focuses on actually selling your franchise, rather than attending to paperwork and other administrative duties. Our experts at Franchise Research Corp. are consultants in the field of franchise sales and development. We offer a variety of solutions to your sales management dilemma.

Choose the Right Sales Management Strategy for Your Franchise

Whether your business is big or small, generating leads on prospective buyers is an important part of the equation for franchisors. We partner with several top-name software companies to offer several sales strategy options to our clients. These applications have the ability to research and track prospective franchise buyers in your field and analyze data gleaned from data-mining applications. Growth patterns of franchises can be studied and real-time communication between business owners and suppliers are possible with the right management tools.

Contact our consultants with your specific needs, so that together we can determine the appropriate strategy for your franchise sales team. We can customize a package if one software program alone is not adequate for your business. We can be reached online at or by phone (toll-free) at (866) 993-0002.