Buying A Small Business

Entrepreneurs interested in buying a small business are the perfect targets for franchise marketing. Buying a small business franchise that has proven profitability is preferable for many entrepreneurs because the business model has already been developed and tested. If your company has a proven track record of producing substantial returns on investment, you should consider franchising your company.

At Franchise Research Corp., we can help you determine whether franchising is right for your business and walk you through the process of making a sale. We provide detailed analysis of the current state of your company as well as advice for how to best move forward toward your objectives.

Attract Entrepreneurs Researching Buying a Small Business

Working with our franchise consultants will help you attract high-quality buyers. Before you can become successful at franchising, you need to develop a marketing strategy that will target potential buyers. The present marketing climate has made it difficult for companies to stand out among the multitude of advertised franchise opportunities. Our services can help your business effectively sell franchise opportunities within this ever-expanding market. With our help, you can convert those interested in buying a small business into franchisees helping to grow your brand.

We specialize in consulting with and training in-house marketing personnel to carry out your company's franchising plans and meet your sales objectives. We employ a five-part methodology that begins with a core analysis of your company's existing systems, personnel and franchise goals. We work with you and provide tested and proven advice throughout the process. To learn more, email us at or call toll-free at (866) 993-0002.