Finding Small Business Opportunities

Business consultants who have a proven plan of attack, so to speak, when analyzing your small business franchise, can help you grow your business. Expansion is extremely important in a business environment that sees one new franchise starting up every eight minutes during each business day. In a typical week, up to 300 new franchises will be born, creating stiff competition for existing businesses.

Let Experienced Franchise Consultants Develop Your Business Plan

Owners of franchises, both small and large, must constantly multitask in order to manage their businesses. In addition to selling more franchises, they must recruit, train and manage employees and make sure their overall operations are running smoothly. Our consultants at Franchise Research Corp. can ease some of the burden of these tasks, so you can focus on growth opportunities. Our methodology, a multi-step plan, is proven from its use by some of the most successful and recognizable franchises.

  • Core analysis: we assess the current state of your franchise, including your expansion goals, sales team and existing technologies.
  • Strategy and system implementation: we use a system that provides you with benchmarks and performance indicators, and makes employees accountable within your company.
  • Strategy and system training: we develop training solutions that will benefit your in-house team.
  • Strategy and system management: our trainers teach you and your staff the skills needed to work with your new system and achieve your goals.
  • Performance evaluation: we reassess the state of your business after a set period of time, and provide ongoing consulting opportunities throughout.

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