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Franchise Lead Management Solution

At Franchise Research Corp we recognize that prospects in search of a franchise are exposed to different types of concepts that vary from different industries, sizes, and levels of investment. In order to compete and meet your expansion targets, you must not only spend money on advertising and marketing but also track and monitor the effectiveness of those campaigns.

Franchise Research Corp in partnership with leading software application companies provides franchise organizations with the required innovative systems and tools to manage and measure all lead generation marketing campaigns.

After a comprehensive assessment of your lead generation marketing campaigns and the alignment to your short and long term needs, we may recommend an “out of the box” or custom tailored system providing you with the tools that include the following:

  • One System – captures impressions, tracks clicks, lead acquisition, traditional marketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, email marketing campaigns, MPUS, sign-in webinars, opt-in marketing capabilities, track campaign costs, real-time investment risk analysis, lead logics and web analytics - all on one screen.
  • Supplier Connectivity – offers franchisors the ability to connect with advertisers in real-time.
  • Targeted Market Connectivity – allows geo-marketing analytics and targeted marketing efforts.
  • Data Mining – ability to profile all leads and prospects.
  • System Administration – administrative capabilities such as multiple user-access, user views and the ability to make changes on profiles etc.
  • Customizable – a system that is customized to your exact franchise industry requirements needs and franchise marketing plan.

One System

Generating leads effectively and optimizing your traditional and online marketing campaigns are critical to achieving franchise sales success. Franchise Research Corp Lead Management Solution gives franchisors of any size and industry a complete and customizable solution to manage every aspect of their lead generation. Below are some of the key features:

  • Lead Qualification
    Track duplicate leads, restricted territories and the lifecycle of the lead assuring quality. The Franchise Lead Management Solution allows for customization of applicant acquisition forms.
  • Lead Tracking
    Track leads from all traditional and online marketing sources and various other marketing techniques – with added features that include activity management, date and time stamping, and the capacity to develop and track dynamic content pages.
  • Lead Conversion
    Maximize your conversion ratios of traditional and online marketing campaigns using in-depth analysis and detailed reporting.
  • Email Prospecting and Tracking
    Send personalized, high-impact, template-based email messages, webzines and webinars to prospects in large numbers and easily track their responses.
  • Reporting
    All leads entering the system are tagged with a marketing source and a date and time stamp. This gives you the ability to run reports on specific marketing campaigns, track their progress within the sales process, and calculate any ratios. Real-time reporting enables your marketers to monitor, track and evaluate all investments as well as adjust campaigns for maximum marketing results.
  • Lead Logics
    Allows you to tag leads with grading characteristics to track higher quality leads vs. lower quality leads.
  • Webanalytics:
    Ability to download Google and Overture real-time reports on pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Supplier Connectivity

Quickly import leads from offline and online media sources, such as trade shows, seminars and direct mail, and eliminate manual data entry. With this function, your suppliers can directly export all leads into your leads database.

Targeted Market Connectivity

Franchise Research Corp offers you the capability of generating leads from specific geographical target markets and demographics. Through the use of research and analysis (web mining) our consultants can determine where your high growth markets are located. Hence all advertising campaigns will be created to maximize your franchise lead generation efforts from those key areas. In addition, our findings will flag the least profitable target markets, enabling your marketers the ability to adjust any marketing campaigns.

Data Mining

Our data mining processes enable you to uncover unknown historic trends and patterns from your leads database. Using this data will help you understand your business needs, identify key areas of success and/or failures, thus allowing you to create successful marketing campaigns while improving your quality of leads.

System Administration

The system administration interface will give you the ability to do the following:

  • Delegate special access privileges to users and sub-administrators
  • Assign a group of users a common access profile
  • Create multiple marketing campaigns
  • Share access between departments and roles
  • And ability to create, edit, update, delete privileges


The system can be installed ‘off-the-shelf’ or tailored to meet your franchise needs. This gives you a system customized to all of your needs, implemented in the timeframe of an ’out–of-the- box’ package.

The value of our expertise, proven track record, training programs and our technologies have enable our clients to experience a dramatic return on investments on their lead generation marketing campaigns, by delivering custom tailored consultation to their in-house marketing teams.

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Untapped Opportunities

The Internet, according to the top 100 franchise executives surveyed, is a battlefield for customers, service, and the all important franchise sales and development agenda.


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Internet…the future!

It has been proven that the Internet provides more incisive franchise information than any sales manager could present in a week of face-to-face meetings with potential franchisees.


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