Online Business Planning Services

Selling businesses online is more common than ever, and many of those businesses for sale are franchises. The Internet is now one of the top advertising venues for franchises. At Franchise Research Corp., we specialize in helping companies use internet marketing to find qualified leads, which makes selling businesses through franchising more efficient.

Selling Businesses Online Through Franchising

The first step to selling businesses through franchising is creating a franchising plan. This plan includes analysis of current operational systems and performance as well as expansion objectives. Your franchising plan should be custom tailored to your company's unique systems and goals. You also need a marketing plan to promote your franchise opportunity to potential sales prospects.

Implementing your franchising and marketing plans effectively requires continual analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of the franchising process. Our partnerships with leading software technology companies allow us to provide our clients with the latest software applications to track return on investment, marketing successes, industry trends and other relevant information to assess progress towards business growth. Our One System application, for example, is a complete tool that manages all of the steps in the franchising process. With this tool, you can track and profile leads, manage lead accounts, analyze sales and create reports, among many other useful features.

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