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Franchise Sales Management Solution

At Franchise Research Corp we recognize that prospects in search of a franchise are exposed to different types of concepts that vary from different industries, sizes, and levels of investment. In order to compete and meet your expansion targets, we help your franchise sales force spend more time selling and less time on administration. As a result, we examine and fine-tune your current sales processes to maximize your sales performance and overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Franchise Research Corp in partnership with leading software application companies provides you the required CRM systems and tools to manage and measure your entire franchise sales force team.

After a comprehensive assessment of your franchise sales processes and the alignment to your short and long term needs, we may recommend an “out of the box” or custom tailored CRM system providing you with the tools that include the following:

  • One System – complete account management, prospect tracking, profiles prospects, routes prospects to the right franchise sales person, lead management, integrated opportunity analysis, workflow automation, sales execution process, sales forecasting and analytics, real-time reporting tools, distribution of lead quota, performance oriented logics, upload capabilities of contact information, forecasting tools, Outlook, Word, PDF and Excel integration, telephone call logs measurement tools, online applicant connectivity (internet messenger technology).
  • Supplier Connectivity – offer franchisors the ability to connect with suppliers in real-time. Suppliers such as telephone and shipping companies.
  • Targeted Market Connectivity – allows geo-marketing analytics and targeted sales strategies
  • Data Mining – ability to profile all leads with the right franchise sales reps.
  • System Administration – Administrative capabilities such as multiple user-access, user views and the ability to make changes on profiles etc.
  • Customizable – a system that is customized to your exact franchise industry requirements, needs and unique sales processes.

One System

The solution to a productive franchise sales force is effective sales management through the implementation of the right CRM Solution. Franchise Research Corp Sales Management Solution gives franchisors of any size and industry a complete and customizable solution to manage every aspect of the franchisee prospect lifecycle. Below are some of the key features:

  • Complete Account Management
    Ability to capture and store complete prospect account information online, enabling your franchise sales staff to access their client accounts. Our easy to use upload tools give your team the ability to upload and store important and sensitive documentation in one secure area. (Including Word and Adobe PDF marketing collaterals, PowerPoint presentations, Webcast and webinar links and Excel documents).
  • Prospect Tracking
    Monitor and track the history of a franchise prospect– with added features that include activity management, date and time stamping. Easy to use prospect management tools that allow your franchise sales team to segregate and classify leads based on territory, level of importance, level of sales process.
  • Prospect Profiling
    Allows your franchise sales team to further profile and qualify their prospects throughout the sales process. In addition, the system has the capability of setting up lead queues and lead assignment rules to automatically route hot prospects to the right franchise sales staff based on unique prospect profiles.
  • Integrated Opportunity Analysis
    Ability to analyze a sales pipeline and quickly identify and eliminate any bottlenecks in the sales process through the use of notification emails.
  • Workflow Automation and Sales Execution Process
    The system provides workflow automation capabilities that can be easily customized to better manage any franchisor sales and marketing processes. The result is greater control over routine activities and the elimination of redundant tasks. By refining the sales execution process using a standard IT solution such as Franchise Research Corp‘s Sales Management Solution, your franchise sales team will have the ability to quickly close deals and improve their overall franchise sales performance.
  • Sales Forecasting and Analytics
    Easy-to-use sales analytics tools that enable your franchise sales management team to analyze their sales-pipelines perform win-loss analyses and stay ahead of competitive trends.
  • Reporting
    The system has been designed to offer full reporting capabilities. With our easy-to-use reporting tools and wizards your franchise sales management team will have access to reliable data. The personalized dashboards allow everyone in your team to get precise information and reports by role and responsibility. The real-time win/loss analysis functionalities identify the key issues that are costing you franchise sales deals, and enable you to stay on top of past and emerging competitive trends. Other features include the ability to perform segmented, historical, and rolled-up pipeline analysis for insight to help shape your business and drive franchise sales forward. Overall the Sales Management Solution allows its administrators and users to create customized reports on the fly that analyze specific needs for your business. These complete reporting functions will assist your franchise sales management team and their staff to quickly identify, monitor anomalies and trends in large amounts of data.

Supplier Connectivity

Offer franchisors the ability to connect with suppliers in real-time. This includes phone companies, shipping companies and other suppliers.

Targeted Market Connectivity

Our Target Market Connectivity solutions allows for geo-marketing analytics and targeted sales strategies. It monitors local, regional, national and international franchise growth patterns, business trends and forecasts.

Data Mining

Our processes enable you to uncover unknown historic trends and patterns. You can profile all your franchisee prospects and identify the franchise sales staff that has the highest probability of closing the sale.

System Administration

The system administration interface will give you the ability to do the following:

  • Delegate special access privileges to users and sub-administrators
  • Assign a group of users a common access profile dashboards
  • Share access between departments and roles
  • And ability to create, edit, update, delete privileges


The system can be installed ‘off-the-shelf’ or tailored to meet your franchise needs. This gives you a system customized to all of your needs, implemented in the timeframe of an ’out–of-the- box’ package.

The value of our expertise, proven track record, training programs and our technologies have enable our clients to experience a dramatic return on investments on their franchise sales, by delivering custom tailored consultation to their in-house franchise sales teams.

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Untapped Opportunities

The Internet, according to the top 100 franchise executives surveyed, is a battlefield for customers, service, and the all important franchise sales and development agenda.


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Internet…the future!

It has been proven that the Internet provides more incisive franchise information than any sales manager could present in a week of face-to-face meetings with potential franchisees.


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