Halifax Small Business Consultant

A franchise opportunity allows you to establish a working relationship with a nationally known brand name, company or trademarked product. Most franchise contracts feature terms that last anywhere from two to 20 years.

Many franchise opportunities require an entrance fee and monthly royalty fees. You may also be required to pay into an advertising fund. This ensures that the company name and logo appear in national media that and branding efforts continue. Many companies require investors to purchase supplies and equipment without the option of shopping for the best deals from other vendors. Companies spend millions of dollars creating corporate images, which often means every detail from employee uniforms to the foliage in the parking lot must conform to company standards.

Research Franchise Opportunities by Reading the Company's Financial Disclosure Document

Finding franchise opportunities in unpredictable financial times may be tough, which is why a small business consultant may be useful. Certain products and services are needed even in an economic downturn. A consultant may help you access demand in order to locate stable investments in business opportunities like barber shops, fast food restaurants, auto repair shops and dry cleaning services.

The disclosure document contains vital information, but the average consumer may find it a bit overwhelming. You may be so bogged down in legalese that you miss the essential details of the contract. A consulting firm may help you access the following contractual information:

  • Renewal policies
  • Operating licenses
  • Leases and maintenance requirements
  • Training programs
  • Employee insurance and benefits packages

Match Point Network is a small business consulting service that helps you sort through at least two or three franchise opportunities, with an eye for annual revenue considerations. For a free consultation send an email to Match Point Network.