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Welcome Franchise Research Corp’s Free Franchise Consultation Services.

Thank you for your request for information about “Our Free Franchise Consultation Services”. 

The service we provide is free-of-charge and helps people like you who have decided to explore going into business for themselves find franchises that are most likely to meet their needs, wants, skills, experiences, interests, and talents.

As part of our service, we would invite you to have a brief telephone conversation with the highly knowledgeable and experienced senior franchise consultant that first contacted you.  Our franchise consultants have been helping people evaluate franchise opportunities for an average of 15 years and work hard to make a person's investigation of franchises a thoughtful, productive process. Because of their experience, they can help you get past the labyrinth of thousands of franchise choices, and get to the real substance you need to make a highly informed decision.

Some of the premium franchise brands that we represent... 


To get you started, just fill out the information fields below, and your consultant will call you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have about our service.

Let them help you make your franchise investigation process both exciting, and productive!

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