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Investors have access to a bevy of franchise information located in the Financial Disclosure Document made available by the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule. If you're thinking about entering into a franchise agreement, it's essential to read this document carefully and compare several different options.

Franchise Information Found in the Financial Disclosure Document

Look for information on current and previous owners. If you see a high turnover rate, it may be a sign of dissatisfaction among investors or poor communication on the part of the company. A history of litigation or bankruptcies should be a giant red flag. Even if the offer seems too good to be true, you should approach companies with caution if executives have a history of lawsuits or poor money management.

Check out the company's financial history. Look for a pattern of continual growth. This may indicate a safer financial risk, but it may also indicate an aggressive business model that can backfire in slow economic times.

Some companies make claims about how much money you can earn as a franchisee. These claims are often exaggerated to get you interested in quick cash, but they don't address the long-term costs associated with the business relationship. Not all franchise opportunities are too good to be true. Some of America's most successful corporations have achieved national and global domination through mutually beneficial business partnerships.

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