Calgary Franchise Consulting Service

Small business consulting services offer research tools and resources for people looking to invest in franchises. The right firm can help you track down the franchisor's Uniform Franchise Offering Circular. Companies must provide this document to potential investors and give them adequate time to review the report before signing contracts.

A firm that specializes in small businesses may help you understand the information and interpret the data contained in the Franchise Offering Circular. Franchisors are required to outline all the costs and fees associated with the franchise contract. If a company or its officers have filed for bankruptcy or had lawsuits filed against them, this information will show up in the Franchise Offering Circular.

What to Expect from a Small Business Consulting Service

A small business consulting firm should help you read over the terms of your contract so you can determine whether or not you're making a wise investment. The firm will also inform you of the franchisor's obligations to you as the investor. For example, the franchisor may be responsible for training and follow-up support, especially during the startup stage of your new company.

A consulting service should also inform you of your responsibilities as a franchisee. You may be required to pay for equipment, insurance, employee benefits, national advertising campaigns and promotions, royalty fees, entrance dues, maintenance fees and administrative costs. A breach in the contract may be grounds for termination.

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