Franchise Investment

As you're searching for the right franchise investment, you may consider using a broker to help you find the right opportunity. Many brokers are helpful and reputable, but some set up franchise brokering businesses from which you should run.

If you meet with a franchise broker who warns you against franchises that are not in his portfolio, this is a bad sign. Since brokers make a living by promoting particular franchises, a certain level of bias is only natural. However, outright negativity towards other franchises is in poor form. A broker should understand that you are looking for the best investment, regardless of whether or not it is in his portfolio.

It's also a good idea to steer clear of brokers who really apply the pressure. After learning about your skills and goals, your broker will probably give you a few suggestions. If you don't like any of his initial suggestions, your broker should not take offense, try to convince you that you're wrong or pressure you into changing your mind. Part of making a good investment is looking at a range of possibilities.

Free Help With Your Franchise Investment

At MatchPoint Franchise Consulting Network, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from the long collective experience of our franchise consultants. We take a no-pressure approach to matching you with profitable franchises. We also provide free business education, so you can set up your business with confidence.