Commercial Business For Sale In Vancouver

You can find a listing of franchises for sale on official company websites or by using web directories. These sources give you an overview of the sales costs and fees, but they may overstate the profit potential to investors. Before you buy your way into five-plus year contract, you need to research the market, compare several offers and explore your personal management style, goals and risk tolerance level.

There are well over 3,000 different companies in the United States alone that have franchises for sale. Some of the most popular brands in the world license products and services. Larger chains tend to come with hefty startup fees, higher royalty payments and expansive advertising budgets.

Research Tools for Tracking Down Franchises for Sale

The International Franchise Association may provide you with additional research information on small business opportunities in your area and around the world. The website also provides information about conventions where you can network and learn from other owners. You'll find a listing of how many stores a company has opened around the country as well as estimates for startup costs and liquid capital required.

Another important research tool is the company's financial disclosure document or the uniform offer circular. These documents provide insight into any lawsuits filed against the company, bankruptcies, turnover rates and profit history. In some cases, the profit is based on a company-wide average or on gross sales, so be sure to factor in operating costs and regional discrepancies.

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