Develop A Small Business

Often, people think of franchise opportunities in terms of full-time endeavors, but many options exist for part-time business setups. In fact, there are even many setups that allow franchisees run their businesses entirely from home. These opportunities give stay-at-home moms and retirees the chance to earn sizable incomes and be their own bosses, without committing extended hours to the day-to-day operations.

Though part-time franchise opportunities do exist, it pays to be a smart consumer. You don't want to get stuck with a business that requires far more time than you can realistically devote to it, and some franchisors may have different ideas about what constitutes a part-time business.

Part-Time Business Setup

If you've found a part-time franchise setup that interests you, don't just buy without research. Read through all available informational materials and speak to established franchisees to learn what their part-time hours are like. Also, ask whether they were able to get their new businesses up and running by working part time from the start. In some cases, it may be necessary to work long hours in the beginning and then cut back some once the business is well established. It's also a good idea to learn what methods they used for customer attraction, as you'll want to be sure you can make the profit you desire in the amount of time you have to commit.

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