Business For Sale Waterloo

Between 2004 and 2008, McDonald's increased its number of Canadian franchises for sale from 860 to 972 with sites in Waterloo, Ontario, Toronto and New Brunswick. This type of explosive growth has been seen all over the world in international markets and is expected to continue for years to come. This company was a pioneer in the industry, with the first food partnerships offered as early as 1955--the same year the company was founded.

Franchising is one of the primary ways a company experiences rapid growth without tapping into massive capital reserves. McDonald's has developed a very distinct corporate image, which can be seen in everything from the design of the employee uniforms to the shape of the golden arches on top of the buildings.

Investing in an Existing McDonald's Franchise for Sale

The majority of people who invest in McDonald's stores for sale invest in existing businesses. New locations are opened every year, but investing in an existing business cuts back on some of the startup costs and capital requirements. McDonald's has strict financial responsibility requirements that are designed to ensure the stability of new partnerships. You will also be responsible for paying monthly royalty fees, based on gross sales and a base monthly rental fee.

You'll need to complete an owner/operator training program to become a part of the team. The process can take up to nine months or more to complete. Additional information is available in the company Financial Disclosure Document, which is made available at the time of your application.

Match Point Network offers investors research tools for investing in Waterloo fast food chains. You can contact Match Point if you need help narrowing down your options or conducting research by industry.