Business For Sale St. John New Brunswick

Investing in existing franchises for sale in New Brunswick may be a great way to expand your portfolio without the startup fees of opening a brand new business. A franchise may go up for sale when the initial contract ends or if an investor terminates early. It's important to find out why the business has become available, since a high franchisee turnover rate may be a sign of a bad investment.

When you invest in a business that already exists in a community, you tap into a loyal customer base. This is especially true for well-known brands like 7-11 stores, Subway sandwich shops and Papa Murphy's pizzerias. Rather than having to find a new location or invest in equipment, you may get a better rate on an existing business looking for new ownership.

It's Better to Invest in Existing Franchises for Sale

Some investors have found great opportunities by cold calling shop owners in the area and asking if they want to sell. Web directories may also be helpful in narrowing down your choices. Business consultants may be useful in helping you determine your financial risk tolerance and in narrowing down businesses by personality and management style.

Be sure to check out information located in financial disclosure documents before you sign on the dotted line. Many companies overstate profit projections by listing gross income before deducting operating costs. Whenever possible, check out the offer circular for any bankruptcies, lawsuits and higher-than-average turnover rates.

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